2D CAD Drawing Service


Polyimage has a proven track record of delivering 2D CAD drawing and CAD drafting & detailing services in many engineering disciplines and to the highest quality standards:


2D CAD Drafting - Typical Range of Services


        • architectural
        • building & building services
        • mechanical & electrical
        • factory layout & plant room
        • schematic diagrams
        • fabrication
        • reverse engineering
        • retail outlet, & store
        • office layout
        • measured surveys
        • measured services surveys
        • architectural steelwork
        • civil engineering & construction
        • 'as built' record drawings
        • bureau large format printing
        • paper/pdf to CAD conversion
        • outsourcing


If you would like to read more information about CAD see What is CAD ? .


Site Surveying


For many applications, site surveys can be an essential part of the drawing creation and drawing maintenance process. We can carry out measured site surveys in order to verify existing arrangements such as existing building layouts/floor levels etc and use the information to develop CAD drawings as required. In addition, we would usually supplement measurement survey data recordings with photography/video for use in reports where required.


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