Why 3D CAD?


Why 3D CAD ?


The use of computer aided design (CAD) software technology to model products, assembled components, buildings and construction projects in 3D to meet today's design challenges is growing year-on-year. The advantages are manifold but these are principally because 3D CAD modelling* provides the client/designer with the ability to:-


  • conceptualise and assess designs, evaluate visual impact and desirability of a virtual construction, building or object;
  • assess conflicts/obstructions;
  • in the case of building design, Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows;
  • automated material take offs;
  • parametric modelling;
  • generation and print of 2D CAD Drawing drawing sets;
  • create engaging designs and compelling visualizations;
  • create CAD Animation & Simulation


* If you would like to read more information, see What is CAD? and/or our CAD blog on Google+ on the page footer below. If you need assistance with 3D CAD modeling services, please Contact us


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