AutoCAD - Civil 3D

AutoCAD Civil 3D


Civil 3D is a software enhancement based on AutoCAD software architecture. The software, used primarily for 2D CAD & 3D CAD in civil engineering to plan, design & manage projects, contains tools designed to enable rapid 3D CAD modeling of roads / highways over complex land surfaces, creating graded cut and fill regions as required. it also contains 3D tools for road infrastructure, pipeworks and earthwork calculations and more.


At Polyimage, we draft & model using Civil 3D to conceptualize and also to create CAD animation and visualisation work. We can also link Civil 3D models to Navisworks to create construction programme / phased animations.  We can also use 3DS Max to enhance Civil 3D CAD models with street furniture, vehicle & human characters to create movement animations.. If you require assistance with your Civil 3D modeling, please Contact us about our CAD Modelling Service.


Civil 3D Animation Outsourcing


If time or rendering resources are a problem and you would like to create an animation using your model, we can create compelling and persuasive CAD animations using Civil 3D dwgs files directly or by importing your model to Navisworks and/or 3DS Max. We have examples here on Civil 4D Animations and on You Tube. If we can be of assistance, please Contact us for further information.


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