What Does Navisworks Do ?


Navisworks, an Autodesk software tool, is used primarily in the construction and building industries, for creating construction animations in which the construction components of 3D CAD models are linked to a construction programme schedule.  3D CAD construction (or demolition) components are then displayed in the software or animation at the scheduled timeline event. The software, also contains management tools for clash detection review comment/redline mark-up and more. See Navisworks example here on 4D CAD Construction Animation.


The software will import a wide variety of 3D CAD formats including AutoCAD, Revit & MicroStation. Navisworks also imports programme scheduling files such as Primavera, Microsoft Project, Asta or CSV files.  Using these, construction and phased work can be linked to objects in the imported 3D CAD Model to create the required timeline animations:-


If you need assistance with Navisworks & 3D CAD modellng,, please Contact us.


Navisworks 3D Animation Outsourcing


When time limitations or rendering resources are a problem, send us your 3D CAD model together with programme scheduling files, such as those from Microsoft Project or Primavera.  Using the 3D CAD model and combining this with programme scheduling files, we can create construction animations as required. If we can be of assistance, please Contact us about our CAD modelling & animation services.

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