What is CAD?


Working with CAD, particularly AutoCAD & Revit, we offer a very wide range of CAD services in 2D, 3D, and in CAD Animation. But what is CAD anyway?. CAD is an acronym for computer aided design, and, as its name suggests, it is a computer software process for representing geometric lines, shapes and objects on screen instead of being drawn by hand on paper. CAD enables designers to layout and develop work on screen. The advantages of working with CAD are accuracy, neatness, ease of modification, storage, distribution, collaboration & drawing management to name but a few.


What is 2D, 3D & CAD Animation ?


2D CAD is often referred to as ' CAD draughting' or 'CAD drafting' and refers to a flat representation of an object, shape or line drawn in one (x-y) plane only. The resulting drawing can be printed, normally on a title block in A4 to A0 paper size. For 3D CAD, objects or shapes are created using an additional work plane (z) to create a computer representation of a shape or object, or, as more frequently referred to as as a 'solid object'.  3D CAD modelling has the engineering advantage of ensuring that solid objects, such as components, bolted assemblies etc, will all fit together as intended. Another advantage is a presentational one - the model can be rendered to provide a photorealistic image of the solid object or, as what we might now refer to as 'product'. We have a range of animation samples available here on 3D CAD Modelling


This now brings us to CAD Animation. If, having created a 3D CAD model, we could arrange to capture a series of images as the model is say, rotated at a particular speed, or perhaps showing several project construction phases, then we have added a fourth dimension which is time (phasing/sequencing). The result will then be the creation of an animation. We have a range of animation samples available here on CAD Animation & Simulation

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